Laugh Riot Grrrl Comedy Festival is June 4-11, 2018 at Tao Comedy Studio's NEW LOCATION in Los Angeles!


Get your submission in early! Last day to submit to the Laugh Riot Grrrl Festival for just $25 is April 18!

To submit, please send an email to with the following information (do not leave anything out or your submission can’t be processed). Have questions? Email us to the address above.

1.  Full stage name (include real name also if applicable) or Troupe name (include names of members of group and name of contact person)

2.  Email address

3.  Phone number (with area code)

4.  Indicate which city/state/country you will be coming from

5.   Indicate in ORDER of preference which category you are submitting for: StandUp, Storytelling, Improv/Sketch, i.e. 1st Choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice

6.  Indicate all the days you are available from the following: Tues 6/5 through Sun 6/10 (June 4 is the Women in Comedy Roundtable/Open Mic and June 11 is the Wrap Party/Open Mic; shows and workshops are June 5-10, 2018)

7.  OPTIONAL: Submit a bio if you would like us to know more about you

8.  Link to a video of your set (5-10 min long). If I know you and your act well, you may not be required to submit a video. Email me with questions.

9.  Pay the $25 submission fee. (If you paid Bobbie in person, please indicate that in the email) Do not submit until the fee is paid.

Thanks!! Submission ends April 18 and we will contact everyone ASAP after that!